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Harry's maternal aunt: Petunia Dursley, née Evans is described as being a blonde woman, with bony hands, a horsey face and a very long neck, which she uses to spy on her neighbours. She obsessively follows news about divorced movie stars while sniffing, "as if we're interested in their sordid affairs" (OotP). Her whole family was made up of Muggles, except for her sister Lily who was a Muggle-born witch. Mr. and Mrs. Evans were proud of having a witch in the family, but Petunia saw her sister as a freak (perhaps out of jealousy towards her sister whom she referred to as being 'perfect' at one point. In the eyes of some readers, however she seems to genuinely have believed Lily to be a freak due to years of bigotry towards the strange and the unknown.)
At some point she met Vernon Dursley and married him. On 22 June 1980 they had a son named Dudley. Petunia Dursley hadn't seen her sister for years and usually pretended she didn't have one - The Evans sisters weren't talking as Lily Potter knew how her sister felt about her. However one day Petunia discovered her nephew Harry Potter on her doorstep as she put out the milk bottles.
There was a note left with baby Harry by Albus Dumbledore, which explained that his parents Lily and James had been killed by Lord Voldemort, how Lily Potter had sacrificed herself to save her son's life and how living with his only other relatives would protect him from Lord Voldemort. Petunia and Vernon agreed to raise Harry, but kept him as downtrodden as possible in order to squash the magic out of him; they never told him how his parents died, instead claiming they had died in a car crash.
When Petunia and her husband, Vernon, attempted to throw Harry out of their house at the beginning of Order of the Phoenix, she receives a Howler from Dumbledore – "Remember my last, Petunia", which JKR has confirmed is referring to the note he left with one-year-old Harry on their doorstep. She has, therefore, more knowledge about the wizarding world than she will admit. Furthermore, Petunia has proved she knows what dementors and Azkaban are, claiming to have overheard a conversation between Lily and an "awful boy" that might have been James Potter.
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