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Harry's first cousin: Dudley was born on 22 June 1980. He is the only child of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, a nephew to Marjorie Dursley and Lily Evans (respectively his father's and mother's sisters), and nephew-by-marriage to James Potter.
He is described as a large blonde boy, whose parents have spoiled him since birth, letting their child lack social courtesy or grace, and overeat until he was beyond morbidly obese. Throughout their childhood together, Dudley would take any opportunity he could to humiliate and torment his cousin, Harry. Unlike his cousin, however, Dudley has no powers outside of his brutishness. By the fifth book Dudley has become physically strong: he has taken an interest in boxing and seems skilled in it. A great bully, he leads a gang of 4 with whom he regularly beats up younger children such as Mark Evans on the flimsiest of excuses ("He was asking for it ... he cheeked me"). He is attacked by two dementors (sent by Umbridge) at the start of the fifth book. His hair in all the books is blond whilst his movie counterpart has brown hair (see image).
The same year Harry started at Hogwarts, Dudley enrolled at his father's old boarding school, Smeltings. There are hints that Smeltings is a snobbish public school with absurd traditions.
Dudley has had dreadful bad luck during the books, perhaps as punishment for being spoiled, horrible, and purposely very obese. In the first book, Dudley was mildly attacked by a large snake and is painfully given a pig's tail by Hagrid, which has to be removed. In the second book, nothing completely horrible happens, but there are hints that he is wearing clothes too large for him. His trousers continually slip down his bottom, and will supposedly eventually come down completely, perhaps in school or in company. Also, Dudley falls off of his chair and is unable to get to his feet, hinting his incredible poundage.
In the third book, nothing happens to Dudley, but in the movie he is hit multiply with small beads, knocking him down. In the fourth book, he becomes wider than he is tall, and is visited by wizards, the Weasleys. Dudley is afraid of them, and attempts to protect his buttocks from from getting a punishment, but ultimately, he eats a magical toffee to make his tongue grow huge. In the fifth book, he is attacked by dementors, and in the sixth, he is visited by Dumbledore, who pities Dudley and blames Vernon and Petunia for how the boy has turned out--his parents have utterly failed to adequately prepare him to enter the real world.
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