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Harry James Potter (born 31 July 1980) is a fictional character and the protagonist of J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is the only child of James and Lily Potter.
Harry Potter has been portrayed by Daniel Radcliffe in all the Harry Potter films to date.
Harry is famous in the wizarding world for his encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful wizards of all time and the primary antagonist villain in the series, when he was just a year old. Voldemort mysteriously lost his powers in the encounter and was severely crippled, although he survived.
James and Lily Potter were killed in this incident in 1981 while protecting baby Harry from Voldemort's attack. James died first, and Lily's dying act - choosing to sacrifice herself to save her infant son - placed Harry under an ancient magic that protected him. Subsequently, Avada Kedavra, the killing curse that was used against Harry by Voldemort, backfired and Harry survived. This resulted in the loss of Voldemort's powers, as well as his exile and eventual decline from a position of power and fear in the wizarding world. This event led to Harry being heralded as a celebrity - "the boy who lived"; due to him being the only person to ever survive the Avada Kedavra curse - a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead being the sole remnant of the incident.
Despite the fact that Harry survived Voldemort's attempted murder, he still has no idea as to why Voldemort lost his powers - in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry confirms this fact when Voldemort questions him:
I don't know why you lost your powers that night, but I know why you couldn't kill me ...
After the death of his parents, Harry is forced to live with the only family he had left - his mother's sister, Petunia Dursley, and her husband, Vernon, in the small town of Little Whinging in Surrey, England. The Dursleys live at number four, Privet Drive in a large, impeccably maintained four-bedroom house and seem to be moderately well off; however, they neglected Harry in favour of their own son Dudley and in an attempt to remove all traces of his magical self to make him "normal," kept him fully isolated from the wizarding world.
It is in many ways important that Harry is a half-blood - that is, the offspring of a Muggle-born parent. Through his father Harry is a descendant of the pure-blood Potter line, but his mother, Lily Evans (later Lily Potter) is a Muggle-born witch: a witch born into a Muggle family. Harry is therefore a half-blood, and this is significant to the plot in different ways.
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